Telephone Banking

Make Your Day-to-Day Banking Easier, 24/7

Highland Bank’s Telephone Banking gives you lots of options to make your financial management easy and convenient.

  • Obtain your checking or savings account balances
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Place a stop payment
  • Activate your debit card
  • And more!

Call 952-854-4884, then follow the voice prompts or refer to the menu prompts below. Have your Personal Identification Number and account number(s) ready.

View and Print Telephone Banking Brochure

Global Commands

Voice Recognition: Press 8*

Help Menu: Press 1*

Main Menu: Press 3*


Go Back: Press *

Skip: Press 5*

Repeat: Press #

Hang Up: Press 7*

Operator: Press 0

Main Menu

Press 1: Account Balance

Press 2: Account History

Press 3: Transfer Funds or Make a Payment

  1. Transfer Funds Immediately
  2. Schedule a Funds Transfer
  3. Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers
  4. Delete an Existing Transfer
  5. Make an Immediate Payment

Press 4: Activate Debit Card

Press 5: Interest Rates

Press 6: Stop Payment

  1. Submit a Stop Payment – Specific Check
  2. Stop Payment Inquiry

Press 7: Change PIN

Press 8: Future Dated Transactions

  1. Hear ACH Transactions
  2. List Scheduled Funds Transfers

Press 9: Get Account Info by Email


View and Print Telephone Banking Brochure