Telephone Banking

Make Your Day-to-Day Banking Easier, 24/7

Highland Bank’s Telephone Banking gives you lots of options to make your financial management easy and convenient.

  • Obtain your checking or savings account balances
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer funds
  • Place a stop payment
  • Activate your debit card
  • And more!

Call 952-854-4884, then follow the voice prompts or refer to the menu prompts below. Have your Personal Identification Number and account number(s) ready.


Global Commands

Voice Recognition: Press 8*

Help Menu: Press 1*

Main Menu: Press 3*


Go Back: Press *

Skip: Press 5*

Repeat: Press #

Hang Up: Press 7*

Operator: Press 0

Main Menu

Press 1: Account Balance

Press 2: Account History

Press 3: Transfer Funds or Make a Payment

  1. Transfer Funds Immediately
  2. Schedule a Funds Transfer
  3. Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers
  4. Delete an Existing Transfer
  5. Make an Immediate Payment

Press 4: Activate Debit Card

Press 5: Interest Rates

Press 6: Stop Payment

  1. Submit a Stop Payment – Specific Check
  2. Stop Payment Inquiry

Press 7: Change PIN

Press 8: Future Dated Transactions

  1. Hear ACH Transactions
  2. List Scheduled Funds Transfers

Press 9: Get Account Info by Email