Set up alerts and stay informed – anytime, anywhere.

Easily monitor your accounts with email and text message alerts at no extra cost. With Highland Bank’s enhanced range of alert notifications you can receive real-time alerts that help you monitor your finances, take action to help avoid overdrafts, and keep your account safe.

You can choose to customize your alerts specifically for each account. Simply sign in to Highland’s online banking and click the Alerts tab. Then set up account alerts that will be most helpful to you.

Notifications: Establish notifications for your personal and business accounts for the things that matter most to you, payment due dates, balance thresholds, withdrawals, deposits and more!

Fraud Protection: Get real-time alerts on account activity to help fight against potential fraud.

Alerts: Receive email and text alerts on important things like password changes, transactions that exceed a certain dollar amount, and Highland Reserve Advances.

FRAUD ALERTS Get an alert if someone makes changes to your information or is trying to gain access to your account.
TRANSACTION ALERTS Get an alert when deposits, checks or withdrawals post to your account.
ACCOUNT TRANSFER ALERTS Get alerts when a large incoming or outgoing transfer posts to your account.
BALANCE ALERTS Get low balance alerts to avoid overdrafts, and high balance alerts to know when you have money to invest.
LOAN ALERTS Get alerts when your payment is due, past due, or when any loan activity occurs, including Highland Reserve advances.
CERTIFICATE ALERTS Get alerts when your certificate of deposit is ready to mature.
OTHER ALERTS Get alerts when something unexpected happens.

Message and data rates may apply. Please check with your carrier.