About Us

Founded in 1943, Highland Bank is a privately-held, business-focused bank, bringing value to its customers as trusted advisors with easy access to the bank’s decision-makers. Highland’s expertise in commercial banking includes, real estate lending, commercial/industrial loans, acquisition financing and SBA-backed loan solutions. The bank also provides commercial and consumer clients robust tools to manage their banking relationship, including tools that assist in reducing fraud. The bank is a local leader in home mortgage lending specializing in lines of credit secured by personal residences. Supporting the Twin Cities communities for over 80 years Highland has grown to over $800 million in assets operating out of eight offices. Our reach is enhanced through our commitment to technology and a robust online presence.

Highland Bank is dedicated to building strong relationships by identifying and focusing on the needs of each customer, then working together to meet those needs. The mission of the Bank is to improve the financial, social and professional prosperity of its customers, employees, community and shareholders.

Our Mission

Committed to Your Prosperity:

  • Customers
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our customers. We strive to go above and beyond expectations in every customer interaction. We offer a full line of products, excellent service, and we build customer relationships based on integrity and respect.
  • Communities
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of the communities that we serve. Our employees participate in the activities of the communities and our charitable giving program enriches lives. By working to keep our communities vibrant, our goal is to enhance the lives and prosperity of everyone living and working in these communities.
  • Employees
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our employees. We value each employee as an essential and integral part of the team with a focus on support, recognition, open and honest communication, skills development, professional growth opportunities and providing the necessary resources and training.
  • Shareholders
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our shareholders. We create a strong franchise value and market presence. Highland Bank is a family-owned company and we strive to constantly produce value and exceed the expectations of the family. We look to them to continue to challenge us to be the best bank we can be!

Our History

Established in 1943, Highland Bank is an independent, family-owned, community bank. Highland Bank developed from the 1995 merger of two community banks chartered in the 1940s:

  • Security Bank Northwest, with offices in St. Michael and Maple Grove.
  • The Highland Bank, with offices in St. Paul and Bloomington.

Since the original merger, Highland purchased Ridgedale State Bank in 2008 adding a fifth branch in Minnetonka.

Our Employees

Engaged, knowledgeable employees are our greatest assets. Highland Bank is committed to employees by providing skills development and professional growth opportunities.

At Highland Bank, you’ll be working directly with local key decision makers who have the knowledge and skills to provide financial solutions that fit the needs our customers.

Meet our Team