Funds Management

Remote Deposit

Save time and money by eliminating the courier fess and costly trips to the bank with Remote Deposit. Simply scan checks from the convenience of your office. Make deposit until 6pm, then print or save downloadable reports that include copies of deposited checks.

  • Make electronic deposits anytime
  • Reduce trips to the bank and eliminate costly courier fees
  • Reduce staffing costs as electronic deposits take less time

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Optimize your payment strategy by making payments with a cost-effective solution. Highland Bank offers same-day and next-day ACH origination. Reduce expense associated with check processing and stop payments by taking advantage of electronic processing of your company payroll, vendor payments, and customer remittances. Accelerate cash collections by collecting receivables efficiently and cost-effectively. ACH files can be securely originated via the cash management link in digital banking.

  • Expedites payments
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Benefits your employees and/or vendors
  • Utilizes custom security controls with multi-layered approval levels and employee access rights
  • ACH Alert/COPS Login

Merchant Services

Enjoy the convenience of accepting credit cards offered through the VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover networks. Highland Bank offers the most advanced payment processing technology available for your merchant credit card payments. Credit card processing is available by using a terminal, the internet or a wireless connection.

  • Electronic payment systems can be tailored to fit the needs of your business
  • Faster transaction processing time
  • Decreased processing and clerical costs

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are the fastest, most convenient way to move money securely around the world, in USD or Foreign currency. Initiate domestic and international wire transfers request online, over the phone or in person.

  • Secure and fast method of payment
  • Payments available in US dollars or foreign currencies
  • Utilize custom security controls with multi-layered approval levels and employee access rights


Accelerate your accounts receivable collection process with the Lockbox service. The Lockbox service provides a centralized collection point for the collection of your paper based payments. Clients mail their payments to your company via the Highland Bank designated Post Office Box.

  • Outsource your accounts receivable collection process
  • Same day online access to processed items and searchable reports

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Obtain the additional information contained within an ACH transaction clearing through your account. This information can be an invoice number, discount information, client names, etc.

  • Provides business with additional payment detail, such as purchase orders or invoices, associated with qualifying ACH transactions