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BOSS: Now What? Managing Stress in a COVID-19 Work World

June 16, 2021 at 1:00 pm2:00 pm

Join us to learn actionable strategies to transform your workforce into one that’s sustainable for the long haul, and puts humans first!

About this Event

Zoom fatigue. Work from home fatigue. Parenting fatigue. News fatigue. To sum it all up, we’ve all been experiencing months and months of non-stop fatigue… but also worry, anxiety, and so much stress. As we start to transition into a post-pandemic, hybrid work world, people are asking themselves “now what?” With the threat of mass employee burnout looming large, solving the stress management puzzle has never been more timely. This presentation takes a closer look at why we’re all so gosh-darned tired, explores mindset shifts that reframe the way we approach work, and provides actionable strategies to transform a productivity-obsessed, stress-plagued workforce into one that’s sustainable for the long haul, and puts humans first.

Takeaways Include:

  • Spotlight on the key causes of stress; how to recognize it and what to do about it.
  • A look at how companies are keeping their people motivated and energized.
  • Strategies for individuals to create stronger boundaries between work and home.
  • Counter-intuitive perspectives on work ethic and what “working hard” should look like.

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Lisa Walden, Co-Founder of Good Company Consulting

Lisa is a speaker, strategist, and co-author of Managing Millennials For Dummies. She’s dedicated to helping businesses create authentic, empowering workplaces that don’t inspire the dreaded Sunday scaries. Her presentations provide actionable takeaways that help people connect and collaborate, and forge understanding across generations. As co-founder of Good Company Consulting, Lisa’s work is centered on the (strangely revolutionary) concept that people and strategy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. She takes a holistic approach that keeps human beings—arguably the workplace’s most valuable resource—front and center. Lisa’s keynotes focus on how to maintain thriving cultures, best-practices for mindful communication, tactics for preventing burnout, and key trends for navigating the future of work. She has worked with a broad range of clients and organizations, ranging from architects, to finance, real estate, and hospitality. In her speeches, Lisa strives to inspire mindset shifts by presenting valuable, research-based insights in a way that resonates, engages, and entertains. She uses stories, statistics, case studies, and some good old-fashioned self-deprecating humor in each and every one of her presentations.


Jon Schindel and Lenny Segal – Schindel Segal Law Firm

Angie Trocke, Angie Propp – Highland Bank

Brandon Rosenthal, CPA & Doris Hentges, CPA – Froehling Anderson

Tony Parr and Brian McKnight – Parr McKnight Wealth Management Group

All guests are welcome to our event! Please note that these events are intended to be educational in nature, with topics crafted to provide value to business owners and, on occasion, their key leadership team members. If you are not a business owner, you are still very welcome to join us – Please consider inviting a client, friend, or acquaintance who is a business owner and would also benefit from the event’s content.


June 16, 2021
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm