Sarah Kolek

SVP, Commercial Services and Special Assets Manager

A career in banking was not something that Sarah Kolek planned on as she completed her education in business management, rather something that fell into place.  Growing up in the rural Midwest, Sarah knew the value of hard work. Banking gave her added perspective on what it takes to run a business and make good financing decisions. Starting out as a credit officer in a community bank, Sarah quickly gained exposure to the diversity of customer needs, complexity of loan structures and the critical processes that support the underwriting function. Applying her experience at both large and small organizations as her career progressed, she also expanded her inside view of culture and leadership.

Sarah learned firsthand how important listening and communication is to the banking process. Understanding the need of her audience, whether it is the client, lender, business partner or regulator is a skill that drives a successful outcome. Sarah takes pride in her ability to encourage collaboration, and to empower her teams to make good decisions, drive growth and support business objectives.

At Highland Bank, Sarah will join senior leadership team and translate her collaborative approach to support business functions that are strategic to the growth of the commercial banking portfolio. SBA Lending and Cash Management will be two key areas within Sarah’s leadership, and she will oversee the management of special assets in the bank’s loan portfolio.

When the day is done, Sarah unwinds at her small farm, where she and her husband instill in their three children the lessons that have served them well; that setting goals, working hard and looking forward leads to big things that sometimes are hard to imagine.

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Sarah Kolek, Commercial Services and Special Assets Manager
P: 952-858-4966 | F: 952-858-4967