Holly Mork

Vice President/Branch Manager

Holly’s journey at Highland Bank is nothing short of a remarkable personal journey. With over 25 years dedicated to Highland Bank she’s seen it all, becoming an integral part of her community and the bank’s success story. Her mission: forging enduring, fruitful personal connections that transcend mere banking transactions.

Holly’s has built herself a reputation within her community; she’s the woman who’s been part of multiple generations’ financial lives. To her, these relationships are the lifeblood of her profession. She’s more than a banker; she’s a confidant, a friend, a guest at important events in her customer’s lives; from weddings to funerals.

Diversity in her career path is Holly’s forte. She’s donned a personal banking hat, played an integral role in consumer loan operations, and leads several branch sales teams in our northern tier communities. Her success has come from immersing herself in her customers’ shoes, living their situations to truly understand their needs. Her unwavering pursuit
of excellence doesn’t just benefit her customers; it elevates Highland Bank, its employees, and its customers to new heights. Her involvement in the Bank’s Employee Connection Committee and leadership of the United Way fundraising campaign are testaments to her commitment to her community and her bank.

Outside her bustling career, Holly revels in quiet moments with her family and friends.

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Holly Mork, Branch Manager
NMLS ID #498554
Maple Grove and St. Michael
P: 952-858-4701 | F: 952-858-4702