Brian Day

AVP, Mortgage loan officer

Brian Day’s experience in home financing started in 1999 as a Loan Officer. As he has grown in his career he values building relationships and developing connections with everyone he works with.

Over the years, Brian has built an extensive client base. Outside of working with consumers looking to get the funding they need, he partners with other bankers, realtors, and construction companies both across the nation and in his community. These connections allow him to provide service that goes beyond financing which builds trust between him and his customers.

You can always count on Brian to go the extra mile. He values every conversation and understands that each person is unique. He takes his time to get to know them to ensure that they are getting the right product that will meet their needs. Caring deeply about both the customer and the bank, Brian recognizes the importance of open and honest discussions. In times when he is not able to extend credit, he offers constructive guidance, outlining strategies to get them where they need to be. He does everything he can to give everyone he serves a positive experience and leave a lasting impression.

When he is not serving his customers, Brian spends his time cheering on his son at sporting events, fishing and boating up at the cabin, and enjoying time with his family.

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Brian Day, Mortgage Loan Officer
P: 952-858-4995 | F: 952-858-4996