Angie Propp, AAP

vice president/Cash Management sales manager

Angie is all about people. From the early stages of her career in banking, her eagerness to meet people and surround herself with “thinkers” has built a foundation of diverse experience that translates well to the consultative role of Cash Management. Angie knows that learning from others and effectively transferring that knowledge is central to her success with business clients.

Angie worked with businesses first as a commercial lender, and quickly recognized that her ability to solve business challenges related to deposit and cash flow management was a niche where she could really make a difference. “Smart cash flow management is crucial to ensuring a company’s financial stability and solvency,” she explains. “I work closely with our clients to identify the services and products that will best support their financial success.” Angie and her team listen closely to the needs of business owners, and help them find ways to gain efficiency, protect their assets, and leverage technology to access bank services more safely and effectively than ever before.

Angie stays in sync with the business community by remaining active in chamber of commerce and by supporting a variety of business networking activities each year. She also invests in her own continuing education by maintaining Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation, a certification awarded to individuals with a deep knowledge of ACH payment systems.

Angie and her husband enjoy time as a family with their two adult children, whether it be attending a Minnesota Wild game, getting out on the area golf courses, or socializing with area friends. As with her work, relationships are always a priority!

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Angie Propp, VP Cash Managment
Angie Propp, AAP, Cash Management Sales Manager
P: 952–858–4787 | F: 952–858–4788


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