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    Boundary Waters Bank will officially join Highland Bank on August 21st, 2023.


We are thrilled to welcome Boundary Waters Bank customers to our family.

As a bank focused on community and the people who are part of it, we’re excited to get to know our newest customers as individuals. We strive to understand your goals and dreams, and to help you achieve them.

Highland Bank has been serving the community for over 80 years. Our dedication to personalized service, financial stability, and community involvement aligns with the history of Boundary Waters Bank, and with the values their customers expect from them. By combining the resources, expertise, and customer-focused approach of both institutions, Highland Bank will be better equipped to work with you toward your goals.

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Familiar faces, plus more locations and services for all our customers.

Once the merger between our two banks is complete, you will still see the same friendly bank employees who have become part of your life. Also, you’ll have access to eight bank branches, and a more robust ATM network.


Boundary Waters Bank President and CEO Sarah Kolek shared:

“We are pleased to announce we have entered into a merger agreement with Highland Bank. They have a long history of demonstrating a strong commitment to their customers and communities they serve. Joining forces will extend our reach by providing customers access to a larger banking network and expanded services. Culturally, the union is a natural fit.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Boundary Waters offices all remain open?

All Boundary Waters offices will continue to serve their communities, and you will gain 5 new locations after the merger is complete. Hours are being adjusted slightlyPlease refer to page 6 of your Welcome Booklet for a full list of branch locations and hours, which will be effective August 21.

Will my account number change?

Great news!  Most customers will be able to keep their account numbers. If your account number must change, we have already contacted you by phone and will also deliver mail notification in advance of the merger.

Why am I receiving a new debit card?

Highland uses Visa rather than MasterCard for our debit card program.  Your new Visa Debit card(s) will be issued by Highland Bank and received in early August. Please refer to page 11 of your Welcome Booklet for more information about activation requirements.

Will I have to contact my employer/social security to change my direct deposit?

Direct Deposit will automatically transfer to your new account(s), but some employers may require your confirmation before the change is acceptedPlease confirm with your senders that the information has been updated.  Social Security will require customer-initiated requests in order to change their deposit account records. Please refer to page 9 of your Welcome Booklet for the Highland Bank routing number.

Will I have to order new checks? How long can I use BWB checks after the merger?

Most customers will have no need to order new checks!  Continue to use your current supply, unless you have been notified that your account number is changing.   

Will I still be able to access BWB eStatements?

If you are enrolled in eStatements, 18 months of history will transfer to your account, provided your account number did not changeWe recommend that you download or print historical statements prior to August 18, to ensure no important records are lostPlease refer to page 10 of your Welcome Booklet for more information.  

Will I have access to check images online?

If you currently have online images available, converted check history will be limited to the most recent 90 days.

I have a monthly transfer set up from my BWB checking to my BWB savings. Will I need to set this up again?

Already established internal account-to-account transfers will automatically transfer to your Highland Bank accounts.

UPDATED: Will my online banking username/password change?

UPDATED: Current consumer Online Banking usernames (User ID) will not change (unless you are contacted by a bank representative that you have a duplicate User ID), but passwords will default to the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) and must be re-established the first time you log in.  Please refer to page 10 of your Welcome Booklet for key information regarding this transition.

Current business Online Banking usernames (User ID) will not change (unless you are contacted by a bank representative that you have a duplicate User ID), but passwords will default to the last 4 digits of the businesses EIN (Employer Tax ID Number) and must be re-established the first time you log in.  Please refer to page 10 of your Welcome Booklet for key information regarding this transition.

UPDATED: Will I need to change/re-establish any Bill Pay payments I have set up?

UPDATED: Personal Banking Bill Pay payments should transfer over, under most circumstances.  Please review page 7&10 of your Welcome Booklet for more details on Bill Pay, to ensure you take appropriate actions if necessary.

Business Bill Pay will not convert.  If you are a business currently using Bill Pay payments, access to pay bills from your business account will be disabled as of 9:00am on August 17.  No payments will be processed after this date/time.  All Payees will need to be re-established.  We recommend that you print out all payee details prior to August 17.


Will my eBills (electronic bills) in Bill Pay convert to Highland Bank?

eBills will NOT convert. Depending on the payee, you may need to provide new credentials to the payee to access the bill information and establish new eBill connections.

Will my loan change?

If you have a Boundary Waters Bank consumer or business loan, your rates, terms, and payment due date will not change. For more specific information regarding billing notices or payment options, please refer to page 12 of your Welcome Booklet. 

How can I make my loan payments?

Payments may be handled in a variety of ways and will follow the same payment schedule. Please refer to page 12 of your Welcome Booklet for information regarding loan payment options. 

Will my 2023 tax form come from Boundary Waters Bank or Highland Bank? 

All tax reporting for 2023 will be handled by Highland Bank.

Will I have to sign up for eStatements again from Highland Bank?

If you are currently enrolled in eStatements, you will continue to have access to eStatements for your new accounts through Highland Bank Online Banking. 

*If you are a business with BillPay payments, be sure to read page 10 of your Welcome Booklet for important instructions that must be completed prior to August 18.

Do I need to update any direct deposit or ACH payment instructions in order to continue receiving expected ACH transactions?

When setting up new ACH payments or changing ACH payment instructions, please use Highland Bank Routing Number 091916378.

Incoming ACH payments containing Boundary Waters Bank Routing Number 091205283 will continue to be accepted until further notice but can be updated by contacting your payment senders and providing them with Highland Bank’s Routing Number any time after 8/18/2023.


If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Customers of Boundary Waters Bank will receive welcome packets with additional details mailed to their account address. In the meantime, if you have immediate questions, please feel free to get in touch. Our goal is to make the transition seamless as we welcome our new customers.

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