Troy Rosenbrook


  • Responsible for leadership and management oversight of commercial banking and credit related functions.
  • With Highland Bank since 2017
  • Member of the Highland Bank Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Senior Loan Committee
  • Member of Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa Board of Directors
  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Minnesota State University, Moorhead

A big picture thinker, Troy is highly strategic. He enjoys being part of setting a vision and guiding its execution, and has demonstrated an ability to do both successfully in evolving bank environments. He provides dedicated leadership and will continue to drive the company’s growth initiative.

A commercial banking veteran since 1984, Troy has navigated a continually changing banking environment, various market cycles as well as the challenges of mergers and acquisitions. His maturity and confidence has allowed him to maintain the loyalty of customers and team members alike.

In his spare time, Troy enjoys showing his loyalty to the Twin Cities’ various sports teams, spending time at the lake, traveling, and playing the occasional round of golf.

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Troy Rosenbrook, President

Troy Rosenbrook, President
P: 952-858-4810 | F: 952-858-4811