Mobile Deposit Enrollment

Welcome to Mobile Banking’s Mobile Deposit. Depositing checks has never been this convenient.

  • Account Details

    To begin the enrollment process, please enter the following information to help us identify you and your accounts.
  • Eligibility Requirements

    To qualify for Mobile Deposit you must meet the following eligibility requirements.
    Mobile Deposit is part of the Mobile Banking application therefore you must be enrolled in Mobile Banking. Enroll in Mobile Banking by logging into Online Banking and clicking on the User Options in the top menu bar. If you do not have Online Banking click here to enroll.
    Mobile Deposit is a Personal banking product. If you are a business banking customer and want to deposit checks into your business account(s) please contact your banker to find the right product to meet your needs.
    If you exceed 3 insufficient fund transactions or 2 returned deposited items in the past 90 days your account(s) is no longer considered in good standing. Please wait for a 90 day window where you do not have more than 3 insufficient fund transactions and no more than 2 returned deposited items, in total, for all your accounts.